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February 24, 2024

My week-long writing residency at Baldwin For The Arts was surreal. An introvert’s dream! Peace, quiet, and uninterrupted solitude. It’s been years since I've experienced the writing zone. That place where creatives completely escape the cacophony of mental and physical noise from our daily lives and simply release, relax, write. I literally lost track of my days, which was wonderful! I gave myself permission to let go of the control I have over most things in my life. Here’s the kicker—nothing broke or fell apart. 

Being in this sacred space allowed me to finally complete my memoir proposal. While there's lots more work to do, I stand in gratitude for this gift of time and embrace my win. My heart, mind, and spirit are full. A blessing indeed.



January 26, 2024

This year I will be traveling to my first writing residency with Baldwin for the Arts. As a writer for close to 15 years, this has been one of my many dreams. I've watched from the sidelines as authors I admire spoke about their attendance at these sacred creative spaces. So, to say I am ecstatic to have received this opportunity, is an understatement.

I recently saw an X post by author, Jess Hernandez that said: "If you're going to be in any creative field long term, learn to be happy for other people." Jess couldn't be more spot on. It takes time to hone your craft. But once you put in the work and begin to reap the harvest of what you've sown, own it! Enjoy it! Bask in it! Which is what I plan to do. 

Again, I truly thank you for subscribing. Please note, these musings will not be long, and there will only be one a month. Oh, and, if you post something poignant that resonates with me, don't be surprised if I mention it here. 


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